Song Critique

The Song Critique is a great way to get constructive feedback on your new songs, works-in-progress, or old songs that need updating. (Unfinished works are OK!) Songwriting peers offer each other positive, supportive comments -- on lyrics, melody, chording, mood, etc.

In these 2-hour sessions, first, initial reactions are given based on listening only, then, after you play the song a second time, a more detailed exchange of ideas about your song follows. You can come with specific challenges in mind, such as certain aspects of the song for which you'd like feedback. Please bring 5 lyric sheets for your song.

We can take up to 5 writers in each session, as space and time are limited, so please RSVP in advance to hold your spot. You're also welcome to come and be part of the discussion group, even if you're not presenting a song at that session.

Next scheduled Song Critique:

Information about the next scheduled Song Critique is not available. Please check back soon.