PASA Policies

These policies have been adopted by PASA leadership. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Non-Discriminatory Practices

PASA supports and celebrates diversity, and does not discriminate against any members or attendees of our events based on age, sex, race, religion, country of origin, sexual preference(s), or gender identity/representation. We will not tolerate bullying, discrimination, or hateful behavior.


Members attend events in private homes, and there are many members whom we don't really know. We keep members' complete contact info on file for the protection of the event hosts in case of crime, medical emergency, or if we need to contact a member in the absence of an internet connection.

All personal information you supply to PASA for the purpose of receiving our event invitations and newsletter is considered strictly private and will never be shared with any other lists or organizations. Access to this information is limited to PASA coordinators and event hosts, and we do not share it with anyone else, including other PASA members.

We do reserve the right to use your information to reach you for PASA business or communications (for example, we may need to use your phone number in the absence of an internet connection, such as during a snowstorm when we need to cancel an event). Also, we would share this information with authorities, if requested.

No Alcohol and Drugs

Alcoholic beverages and recreational drugs are prohibited at all PASA events.