PASA House Concert Series

One of the longest running house concert series in the Philadelphia Area, for more than 20 years, PASA has presented its members in a true house concert setting. Since its creation by Rob Lincoln in 2000, more than 150 different performers have performed as a co-headliner.

Each concert features three PASA members as co-headliners, plus 8 to 12 "Open Chair" performers. Anyone who wants to play an original song can be an Open Chair performer. These shows are in round robin format, one song at a time and the Open Chair slots not only begin the show but also occur at the end of every round. There are usually seven rounds with an intermission in the middle.

Event Details:

WHENSaturday, November 19, 2022, 7:30 PM
WHEREAt the home of Jennings Durand, Bryn Athyn, PA
RSVP INFOPlease RSVP by emailing Jennings at
Special notes:
Please bring a folding chair and a snack or beverage to share.


Jon Burrowes

Jon Burrowes taught himself to play guitar and banjo in the early 1960s. In high school, he played in square dance bands around New England. While he was at college in Montreal, he played in rock, blues, and R&B bands there. Back in Boston, while working and raising a family, Jon began writing songs in different genres, and then finding people to play them with. He provided music for and played in variety shows and worked with Nick Thorkelson (Peter Tork's brother) for many years. He plays 6-string and 12-string guitar and piano. This is Jon's debut as a PASA co-headliner!

Valerie DuPont

With rhythmic, melodic tunes, Valerie DuPont weaves together tales of loves lost and found and a range of hopes and wishes, with references to angels, Clue characters, migraine headaches, Abraham Lincoln, gardening, and Christmas strewn in between.


Keith Shaw

Keith Shaw is a singer-songwriter from South Jersey. He has written and recorded songs about life on the road. Songs about love and hope. Songs about social injustice. Songs that span from rock to pop to blues. Keith crafts these songs from what he sees, hears, and experiences. Keith's music has been recognized by a number of songwriting associations, such as the International Singer-Songwriter Association and the World Songwriting Awards. His first album, released in 2020, is titled "Haunted". He is currently working on his second album "Tacos and Beer" which will be available later in 2022.

You: The fourth performer can be YOU! The first eight (or so) performers to sign up at the show will sing one original song as part of the concert. This is an extra special OPEN STAGE SHOWCASE OPPORTUNITY, so bring along any instruments you'll want to play. The first people to arrive get to sign up first. The open stage slots often fill up, so come early to get a slot.